Since 1985 the company Têxtil do Marco S.A. also known as (Temasa) is widely recognised for its expertise in knitted & woven garment industry and considered a reference in the market for its sound business practices geared to the client.

Its slogan - Easy to work with, nice to work for reflects the assertive spirit with which it faces all its challenges by establishing partnership relationships with its suppliers in order to obtain excellent and competitive products and service.

This path towards business excellence began in 1985 in Marco de Canaveses (50km NE from Porto), when the company started its activity as a small family business. By that time it defined itself as an apparel manufacturer of knitted fabric baby garments mainly in cotton.

An important milestone for the company's expertise in baby clothing industry happened as a result of cooperation with retail clients experts in this particular segment, since this was an attractive market niche and at the same time matched perfectly with the company's skills and competencies.

With new shareholders in March 1992 Temasa's management shifted to a professional management and necessary investments were made to provide the company with the necessary means, technical & human resources, which led to it's sustained competitiveness.

In April 2000 Temasa had it's Quality Management System certified becoming one of the first Portuguese companies in apparel textile manufacturing to obtain it. Currently is certified under the standard NP EN ISO 90012001

Driven by its customer's needs, Temasa was obliged to expand into new market segments apart from the baby products, adding children's, teenagers' and later  adults apparel, with a consequent need for continuous monitoring of fashion and trends in the markets.

The expansion to segments towards fashion contributed to the enrichment of the internal know-how, the application of new materials and new printing techniques, as well as in the use of the latest developments such as garment dye, garment wash, vintage effect finishes, with mechanical and chemical functionality (nanotechnology).

In 2021 Temasa started its sustainability project, which was concluded by end 2022. This project included a full thermal isolation of the building and its roof, solar energy panels which cover the full energy consumption of the factory, eliminating gas boilers, converting our car fleet to electric vehicles.

In the past decades the market has gone through heavy changes. The global competition is increasingly aggressive and the growing demands for innovation by customers present a constant challenge.

Over 20 years operating in a traditional industry Temasa always privileged the best practices and solutions to meet market demands improving its ability to adapt itself consistently and continuously. This reflects highly in its products portfolio as well as in it's customers portfolio, which require high quality levels of service, ensuring above all social, ethical and environmental behaviour.

During recent years Temasa has developed & improved several services to offer brands the most adequate solutions for their collections, from continuous investment in our own production, fabric's quality control , cutting, through to finishing & packaging.

It is our goal to become a market leader in the procurement of knitted & woven fabric garments for high quality adult, baby and children's brands, who are looking for an additional value for their collections.