Create and Develop

Ability to create, conceive and develop its own collections, as well as to develop products according to customers design and specifications.

The company's success and recognition is achieved through the constant pursuit of quality and continuous research into trends and techniques.

With the know-how acquired and developed over the years, in partnership with international well-known brands in the baby and child care market, Temasa is thoroughly equipped to provide you all production solutions...


Our 5-Step Proposal

1. Concept definition for the next Season | Sourcing Trends & Fabrics | Moodboard & Colours

2. Collection Overview | Fabric & Accessories Selection (incl prints, embroideries etc…) | Packaging solutions

3. Technical Files | Prototype development | Adjustments & fine tuning

4. THE COLLECTION | Sales samples control

5. Production control | Size Set development | Ensuring all measurements and fittings | Packaging overview before shipping own custom content to give more information about your store, availability details...


Technology and updated equipment

The customer relationship is managed through a personalised information system, all data and specifications received are carefully studied and deployed throughout the operating process ensuring that customer requirements are strictly met and allowing technical data to be accessible throughout the process.

Temasa developed its own integrated management information system (ERP) and has technology and updated equipment for all operations.

- Pattern Making
- Automatic Cutting CADCAM
- Manufacture
- Finishing and Packaging


Continuous improvement of processes

Its practices have always been guided by the continuous improvement of processes throughout the organization.

Since April 2000 it has a Quality Management System which is certified according to NP EN ISO 90012000 having been one of the first companies in the textile manufacturing sector to obtain it.

In this way, the company internally and externally demonstrates in a credible way the competence and capacity to supply quality products with predefined characteristics with good performance in face of the commitments of environment, safety and social responsibility.

The relationship with the customer is continually improved and their needs anticipated as they seek to meet their expectations and assess the degree of customer satisfaction.


Sustainable development and respect for the environment

Temasa promotes and encourages the adoption of good environmental practices based on sustainable development and based on respect for the environment:

- The separation of textile fiber waste processed to be collected and transported by duly accredited entities;
- Adherence to the green dot society and requirement for Oko-Tex ST D100 certificates to suppliers considered critical.

We take an active part in improving the environmental performance of all those with whom it develops commercial relations.

Organic Fibres

GOTS certified company

With today’s sustainability challenges and the contribution of the fashion and textile industry to those challenges, we must collectively rethink production and consumption of textiles. Organic fibres play multifaceted roles in creating an industry that actively lowers its environmental impact and prioritizes human health over short term profit. 

A textile product carrying the GOTS label must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres, a product with the label grade grade 'organic' must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres.  (Source: Global Standard Org. website)

We are proud to be a a GOTS certified company.

Certified Suppliers

True Sustainability

Global Recycled Standard

Public awareness and the demand for traceability have increased, and many global brands already have a dedicated fashion collection made from certified sustainable content derived from organic, recycled or sustainable material.

Provide consumers (both brands and end consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions, with the assurance that products are processed more sustainably, thus drive higher percentages of recycled content in products.

We are proud to be a a GRS certified company.